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Missouri Good Sam Club Chapters

What are Missouri Good Sam Club Chapters?

Missouri Good Sam Chapters ARE the State organization!  Our Missouri Chapters are the very heart and soul of the Missouri Good Sam Club.  Missouri Chapter members are your friends, family and neighbors who enjoy camping together, helping each other out, enjoying the great outdoors, but most of all having fun.

The Missouri Good Sam Club welcomes all types of campers, whether you have a tent, van, truck camper, mini-motorhome, pop-up trailer, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or Class A, B, or C motorhome, or whatever, we encourage you to come to join us and see what it is all about.

A chapter can be made up of any number of rigs, which is determined by the individual chapter.  Chapters support each other by having monthly campouts, or during winter months, having dinner meetings.  Chapter members wear vests in their chapter colors to identify themselves as chapter members and most of all to show off their patches they have collected.  The more you are involved, the more things you can do.

Why should I belong to a Missouri Good Sam Chapter?

You may have just joined the Good Sam Club, or you may have been a member for a while, either way, welcome to the club!  One of the best ways to enhance your Good Sam Club membership is to join a Missouri Good Sam Chapter.  It gets you out of the house and traveling with friends who enjoy camping as much as you do.  There are several Chapters throughout Missouri and we’re sure there is one in your area.  If not, no problem, we’ll help you start a new Chapter.

The biggest benefit to becoming a member of a Missouri Chapter is that it encourages you to move that big yard ornament with wheels out of your yard and use it for what it was intended for; camping!

Missouri Chapters usually go camping at least once a month from April through October, and many of chapters have dinner meetings during the winter months to keep in touch. 

How do I become a member of a Missouri Good Sam Chapter?

The Missouri Good Sam Club currently has 20 chapters across the State, located in eight geographical areas.  Go to the MISSOURI CHAPTERS page to view the different areas of the State and a list of chapters in that area.  If you are interested in joining a Missouri Chapter we have provided the contact information for the Missouri Chapter Presidents.  If there isn’t a Chapter in your area, no problem, let’s get together and we’ll start another one.  Belonging to a Missouri Good Sam Chapter is where the fun is!

Becoming a member of a Missouri Chapter is easy.  To be eligible to become a member of a Missouri Chapter, you must first be a member of the Good Sam Club.  Not a member?  Not a problem!  Information about the Good Sam Club can be obtained by visiting the Good Sam Club web site at  

Missouri Good Sam Club Chapter Locations

Missouri State Map showing Missouri Good Sam Areas

The Missouri Good Sam Club has 20 Chapters throughout Missouri, which is divided into eight areas.  

Please click on one of the buttons below in the area where you live to locate a Chapter near you, and let the good times roll!